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An Architectural Stained Glass Studio:

Phil Daniel has been designing and creating vibrant works for public spaces,homes and industry since 1988. Originally from England, Phil has established a reputation for producing elegant contemporary art glass panels inspired by the likes of Wright and Mackintosh. He is also inspired by Japanese Architecture. Philip divides his time between his studio's in Minneapolis snd London. 
Dedicated to the principle that good design is a state of mind created by balance in accordance with the nature of things and the nature in which we enjoy them.
We seek to effect the flow of colour, light, and line in a manner that creates a work meditative to look at as well as through. To allow a window to still be a window, by designing it in such a way as to allow for the maximum of natural light and space to be expanded. This is done by choosing materials that can best transmit, augment or absorb light: hand-made, mouth blown glass with a high lead-crystal content that is well know for it's light refracting properties.

We believe in holding to the historical design traditions of the past while also allowing ourselves the freedom to reinvent them. We are exploring new ideas and materials constantly. 

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